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Hey. It’s Brooke and some of the places I want to visit for the fist time or go back to are; South Carolina, Florida, Cayman Islands, California, and New York. I want to visit these five places because they are very warm in the summer, and they have beautiful beaches, along with fun family friendly hotels, and before I tell you specifically about each place they all have some pretty fun amusement parks.

In New York there are fourteen miles of beaches, also the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center Memorial, which I think would be pretty cool to see. Some cool facts about New York are that in 2016 there were approximately 8.538 million people living in New York, the land area is 304.6 mi.2. In Florida there are 1,197 miles of beaches, some cool tourist attractions are Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, also Universal Orlando, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Islands of Adventure and many many many more. In California there are 840 miles of beaches and tons of tourist attractions such as Disneyland, The Golden Gate Bridge, Universal Studios Hollywood, Yosemite National Park, and many more. In Cayman Islands there are 76 square miles of beaches with clear, blue, beautiful water, some tourist attractions other than the beautiful beaches are Stingray city, Camana Bay, Cayman Turtle Farm, Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, Starfish point, and many many more. In South Carolina there many many many beaches, and tons of tourist attractions such as amusement parks like The Family Kingdom, located in Myrtle Beach.

Now that you know about the five places I want to visit for the first time or again, and why I want to go now I am telling you about the places I have been and the experience I had. I have been to Florida four times, and I have been to South Carolina once. In Florida I went with my Mom and Dad once, my Mom, Dad, and Grandma once, and my Mom, Dad, Grandma, Cousin, Uncle and Leeanne. In South Carolina I went with my Mom, Dad, Cousin, Uncle, and Leeanne. I have not been to Cayman Islands, but my Mom and Dad has, and in Stingray city as I mentioned in my second paragraph, there is a worker there that swims around with a stingray named Sandy. Anyway I hoped you enjoyed my blog on places I want to travel!!!

Comment if you have been to these places and what was your favorite.


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20% Project!

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Hey, It’s Brooke, and this is my 20% blog. 20% is where you spend 20% of your time on Fridays to make a difference in your community. We do this at school, in two of our class periods; English Language Arts and Project Based Learning classes, I am working with Sophia. Our project is where we are having a volleyball and basketball camp to raise money and donations for less fortunate people in our area.

A big accomplishment we have had is being able to find a volleyball and a basketball mentor, we have also been able to find a place to hold our camp, and how many donations we will be “charging” to enter the camp. The reason we are using donations instead of money is so that we don’t need to go to the store to buy the objects the people will need, instead we will ask the students and parents interested in our camp by hanging up flyers at the schools asking for the donations we need. Another reason that we are not using money is because we don’t want to have to worry about loosing the money or where we will put it without it getting lost.

Some of our December goals are to start thinking about the things that people we will be helping out will need and also contacting our local homeless shelter to see if they would let us help them by donating the products we raise to the people in their shelter. We are also hoping to have our flyers and permission form completed. Lastly we are wanting to have an email sent out to the elementary schools we are inviting to participate in our camp. I hope you enjoyed my update on my 20% project

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My Favorite Holidays!!!

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Hey, my name is Brooke and I will be telling you about my favorite holidays, in my first paragraph I will be telling you about my family traditions on Christmas, in my second paragraph I will be telling you about my traditions for the Fourth of July, and lastly I will tell you about how people in Italy celebrate Christmas.

In my first paragraph about Christmas I am telling you about my family’s Christmas traditions. First, on Christmas eve my family goes to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house, this is my Mom’s side of the family, there we celebrate with two of my Aunts, one of my Uncles, and three cousins. During this time my family tries to call another part of our family that lives in Maryland. Some of the fun things we do on this day is we have a Christmas gift swap, where everyone brings one gift for a certain game that we then pull numbers from a bowl and whatever number you get, that’s the time you go into the center of the living room and pick a gift, starting with the person who pulls a one from the bowl. After we play this game we open gifts that my Grandma has had picked out and wrapped all year long, because my Grandma loves Christmas. My family’s Christmas tradition on Christmas is that we all open our presents under our own tree at our houses, and then we usually go to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house, but this year we have decided to do it the day after Christmas, this side of my  family is my Dad’s side where we celebrate with one of my Uncles and one of my Cousins.

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In my Second paragraph I am telling you about my family traditions on the Forth of July. On the Fourth of July, my family has gone to two lakes, one in Kentucky, and one in Tennessee where we watch fireworks, something my family does for Fourth of July is that when we were in Kentucky the only place where the fireworks were view-able were at a church, so on the day of the celebration we would go out on the lake at 12:00 and come back in at around 7:00 so that when we had a few more people then usual, they would all have time to shower, and get ready, then we would get up to the church early, so that we were able to see the fireworks easily, and have a good spot, then from about 9:00-10:00 we sit in the back of my Dad’s truck, eat and watch the fireworks.

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For my third paragraph I am telling you about how Italy celebrates Christmas. The festive celebrations start after midnight mass. Nowadays, ‘Babbo Natale’, the Father Christmas, brings presents to children on Christmas eve. But as in true Italian style, gifts are exchanged only on January 6 that is the day of Epiphany. On Christmas people eat fish and vegetables, the reason they do not eat meat is to purify your body for the holiday

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I hope you enjoyed my paragraphs on my favorite holidays!

My Schedule!

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Hey, my name is Brooke, and in this blog I will be telling you about my schedule and weekly timetable. My first paragraph is about the time I start and finish school, also the breaks I have during the day. The first thing I do when I get to school is go to the gym, then homeroom where we do Rosetta Stone. When we finish that class we go to 1st period, for me that is Social Studies, in that class we study world geography more than what you usually think of when you hear “social studies”. After that class we get a “locker break” where we then get our binders and folders for 2nd and 3rd period, for my second period I have science, and for third periodI have PBL short for project based learning, in there is where we do most of our blogs, most of this class is done on the computer. After this class I have another “locker break” to get my binders for 4th and 5th period. My 4th period class is math, and my 5th period is ELA short for English Language Arts. During this class period we go to lunch, something that is cool and fun about our lunch is that the days that our principal is impressed with our behavior we are allowed to have our mobile devices such as phones out. When we come back from lunch we get ready for advisory, where you are allowed to ask your teacher that you have during the day questions that you may have. After this class period we go to 6th period which for me is choir all year long, and my last class period changes every term, currently we are in the second term and I have Design and Modeling, but during every 7th period around 2:30 we take cromebooks that we carry around all day back to our homeroom classroom.


In my second paragraph I will be telling you about the entire school year and class changes I have. The first thing I will be telling you how my 7th period classes will change. In the first term I had health class, and like I said in my previous paragraph it is in the middle of term two, and during this term I have Design and Modeling, next term I will have physical education (gym), after that I will have careers class, and finally I will have Spanish. During the entire school year, fun fact there are 195 school days, but five of them consist of teacher training days, so for students there are around 190 days of the school year. During my free time at school, and after school I work on homework when it’s necessary, other times I practice my favorite sport ever… VOLLEYBALL! I hope you liked my blog and hopefully you learned more about me.

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Halloween Stories!

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One Halloween night  a spooky pumpkin haunts the world and turns all of the pumpkins out there to rotted mush. At 11:59pm, just before the end of Halloween, as soon as the clock turns to say 12:01am, the people of the world come to their front porch to look for their pumpkin, until all they see is a box. They are always curious to see what is inside, so they open the box. You will never believe what is inside the box that they found.

Comment what you think what will happen. I hope you enjoyed my story.


Picture Story

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My Favorite Sport… Volleyball!

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Hello, my name is Brooke, my favorite sport is volleyball. If you read my passion blog, then you would know that volleyball is also my passion. Here are some tips and cool facts about volleyball . First you get into positions. The positions are right front, middle front, left front, left back middle back, and finally right back. If you are in right front, then you are the setter, which means that you get all of the second balls, if you play middle then you are a middle hitter and when a hit is coming over the net you block it with whatever side it’s coming over on, for example say that it is coming over on the right side, then you move over by right front, and help them block. If you play left front, then you are an outside hitter, you also pull back off the net to pass the ball when it comes to you, and one other thing that you do is block when middle front comes to help you. If you play left back or middle back then you pass, and send downballs over the net to the opposing team. The last position is right back, in this position you pass, downball, and when it’s your team’s ball you get to serve.

Here are some fun facts and tips about my passion, volleyball. One, the game was invented in 1895 also in Massachusetts by Willam G. Morgan. Another fun fact is that Volleyball was added in to the Olympics in 1964, so 68 years after the Olympics started, in 1896. Also, did you know that the professional players on the volleyball court jump up to 300 times per match, also before this sport was called volleyball it was called mintonette. Another fun fact is that the first volleyball design was created in 1990, also it may not seem like this fact is correct but according to 10 Facts, volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world today, only exceeded by soccer. Also in 1916, the skills of set and spike were originated during a match in the Philippines. Also in Massachusetts on July 7th, 1896 the first official volleyball game was played at Springfield College in Massachusetts.The last fun fact that I will mention in today’s blog is going to blow your mind. Did you know that the longest volleyball game was in Kingston, North Carolina and it took 75 hours and 30 minutes. I hope you enjoyed these fun facts comment down below which one was your favorite.

There are several teams that I have been on throughout my life. The first team that I played on was at a local sports facility in my local area called Sports of All Sorts.  I played there from ages six to age eight.  When I was eight and nine, I had just found out about a competitive club team called Crush.  I was not ready to tryout, so instead of trying out I did a camp every Friday night from six to eight. After doing that camp I went to another volleyball club when I was 10 called NKYVC.  I didn’t tryout there either, but I did do a camp there instead. Now here is the most recent and exiting part of my volleyball career so far, in August of 2017, I tried out for my schools volleyball team. I was so happy when I found out that I made the team. Since the season has now ended my teammates and I have all tried out for Crush, NKYVC, and a club that I did not mention earlier, NKJV. The ones that I tried out for were NKYVC and Crush. The results of that were that I made Crush’s 12u team and also NKYV’s. Since you can only play for one team at a time, I have decided to do Crush’s team.

Links: 10 fun facts about Volleyball and 15 interesting facts about volleyball

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed, remember to comment below which fun fact that you enjoyed the most! Bye!, Brooke I.

When, How, and Why to give credit!

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Do you want to know when, how, and why to give credit to the person who’s picture, words, music or sideshow that you used in a blog post or presentation that you did. You give credit to somebody when you have used someone’s quotes, music, picture, slideshow, or just anything that they wrote or that belongs to them. By giving credit to this person you are saying that you are not trying to steal their idea, you are just borrowing it. You also give credit because  you do not want to claim somebody’s hard-work as your own. Even if you plagiarize from the internet you could get in trouble for using a copyrighted material without putting their name on your presentation. You give credit to someone by simply typing, or writing their name on your presentation.


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~My Pumpkin Poem~

The beautiful orange pumpkin sitting in the window sill on rainy day

awaiting the warmth of the bright, yellow sun, only

being covered by small pieces of cotton

with it’s only dream to see the sun.


The beautiful, round, orange pumpkin, finally craved to see the sun through

it’s perfectly shaped eyes, feeling the hot fire in it’s mouth,

waiting to enjoy the freshly baked

pumpkin pie.

-Brooke I

How my avatar represents me!

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             My name is Brooke, and this is how my avatar represents me! The first way my avatar represents me is that it shows me with a volleyball. If you saw my other post, you know that my passion is volleyball. The second way my avatar that my avatar represents is that my avatar has long blonde hair just like me. My hair represents me because I can style it however I want to make it unique to me.

The avatar site I used was Face your magna.

My Passion

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My name is Brooke, my favorite sport is volleyball and I’ve loved it and been playing since I was 6 years old. From the second I picked up my first volleyball my mom said she knew that volleyball was going to be my favorite, and that I was going to work hard to become the best that I could be. I first started because my friend Ava played volleyball and said it was so fun and that I should try it, so I started playing at Sports of all Sorts. A few years ago I moved on and decided to do a Griffin Elite Crush camp, after finishing that camp I went on to NKYVC, a volleyball camp in the state of Kentucky. Then after those camps I tried out for the Gators 6th grade volleyball team, and made it. From that point on I knew that I wanted to be a great volleyball player and accomplish big things in life.

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I play volleyball for my schools team! Also my favorite position is outside hitter, there are six players on the court, they are left front (outside hitter) middle front, right front (setter) right back (server) middle back, and left back. Some tips and tricks on basic helpful tips of the game are, 1. Don’t run with your hand together, this will help you by giving you more time to get to the ball and make a great pass.   2. When your over-hand serving make sure to use the palm of your hand instead of a fist because if you do use a fist there is a chance of you breaking your fingers trying to serve with a fist.   3. When you are getting ready to pass make sure your knees are bent and your feet are shoulder width apart. When the ball is coming to you make sure you are calling “mine”, this keeps you and your teammates from getting hurt because if you call “mine” your teammates know that you have the ball and to back off which keeps you from running into each other. When the ball is in your hands and you are passing it, be sure to not rely on you arms to do the work. Push through the ball with your legs, also wherever your shoulders and hips are facing, that’s where the ball will go, so make sure you get to the ball and you are facing the setter who can set you a great set in order to make an aggressive play and hit the ball or freeball it over to the other team.